[Paid Work] Self-hosted AWS and On-Prem consultant services needed for 20k+ concurrent video senders

We have immediate need for an experienced third-party hourly consultant service provider to look over our designs as a sanity check for our self-hosted AWS and On-prem Jitsi implementation (linked to our LMS) for 20k+ concurrent video senders, with rooms averaging around 45-65 video senders per room, plus self-hosted most rooms recording video, and large number using self-hosted closed captions.
Helpful to have Octo, HA Proxy, and Kubernetes implementation experience with Jitsi on this scale or larger too.
Even better would be those who have Matrix and Jitsi integration experience too (though not required at all).
Consultant service provider would work with our in-house Jitsi SME and team of ~18-23 developers for this project to look over designs, testing, and implementation to make sure we are well prepared to provide high availability delivery of these services integrated with customized LMS.
This would be part time hourly on 2-week sprint cycles, with peak hours around our 4 phases of roll out over the coming 12-18 months.
Please PM me to exchange information. Preference given to consultants and providers with experience at this scale or larger.

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@rpgresearch - I have sent you a DM

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Position is open again. Please Message me with your relevant experience and contact information.

We received a few applicants over the summer, and we selected someone who was able to help us during the summer and fall. unfortunately they had an adverse reaction to the COVID vaccine affecting their heart and has been in and out of the doctor/hospital since December and is unable to continue. So we need to find a replacement.

There is already a team of developers working on customizing the UI/UX side, and embedding in a largerapplication, but they need a single strong Jitsi expert. Must be strong in infrastructure not just coding, especially scaling Jitsi for 20k+ concurrent users.

Added bonus would be someone with experience setting, customizing, and managing Matrix + Jitsi, including Element-web customization.

This would be on a contract basis.

Hello @rpgresearch, we would like to help you with your requirement. I have sent you a DM. Please check it out.