[Paid Work] - Lockdown jitsi for basic user & enable moderator role

Our company is currently integrating jitsi into our existing google cloud running application/website. We have done the basic integration using the iFrame API. We added some options that we can pass in to identify the user etc. What we cannot figure out is the following:

  1. Enforce lockdown jitsi for a basic user (even if a basic user tries to connect with the link to the jtsi meeting outside of our application using the URL) (disabling all moderator like functions and removing invite others btns and just completely strip down the functionality to bare bones.)
  2. Enable a user to be a moderator (full application control)

We need help ASAP. We are a serious client looking for an expert freelancer eager to earn some quick cash in exchange for some one on one google meet/zoom/jitsi video conference sessions with one of our lead developers on the project. Thank you. Fill out your contact info in this form: https://forms.gle/nQGFchsQshXQ2hgF7

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I have sent you a personal message.



We would happy to help you out. We will send you a personal message.

Team Telzee