Paid Work - Jitsi for members behind company firewalls

Hi there,

we are a small company located in germany looking for a support provider / devoloper can solve our following problem.

Our hosted jitsi server is installed on a ubuntu 18.04 server by using the quick install guide.
Additionally we added authentication, ufw firewall and a few other changes were made in the config-files.
Changes in config-files are documented.
On ufw-firewall ports 80,443,10000-20000,4443-4446 are opend for incoming traffic.

Our main problem is that meeting-members behind company-firewalls with only port 80/443 enabled are getting disconnected every 20-30 seconds, reconnected and disconnected again, like a loop.

“Normal” members with no company-firewall or no special blocked ports for outgoing traffic can join a meeting without problems.
We host meetings normaly with 2 to 10 persons.

Our knownlege and time :frowning: is not good enough to study and understand the errors in the log files.

As we don’t have the possibility to ensure changes on our members company-firewalls (some really big companies) the solution we need is a jitsi-configuration/setup that allowes these members also to join our meetings.

Fixing the problem or setting up a blank working installation on our hosted server is welcome both.
Explaining the solution to us is expected.

The support provider / devoloper should be located in europe or germany if possible.

Hope for some interessting offers.


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Hello @markus_k,

This seems a coturn issue. I think that this topic will be helpful.

If a Debian Buster host is OK for you, try to install using this guide

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