Paid work: JITSI corporate setup for large company (5000+ employees)

Hi there,

We are a Swiss company that is setting up a JITSI service to provide our consultants with an option to meet clients virtually (Screen Sharing & Video Conference). We are looking for a skilled individual or Company in Switzerland that can provide support in the setup phase aswell as afterwards when running the service.

Swiss work permit or Swiss company is a must.

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reach out over email to me -

Hi Fabian Keller,

I saw your post for a paid work to setup Jitsi corporate for a large company. We are a company specialized in offering solutions for the enterprise, we are based out of india. If you need any assistance please let me know. We have setup a demo site for you to check . Please contact me at;


Hi Fabian,

We are not a Swiss company, but we support clients around the world, specially Europe and USA. Please refer our web site. and if you are interested to work with us, please drop an email at

Hello, @fabiankeller, we’re in Barcelona, so we have work permit in Switzerland.

We’ve been providing videoconferencing for up to 2000 politicians in Catalonia since the disruption of Covid-19, from +180 different city councils.

We have a concurrence of 300+ users on evenings and even some events with 70-150 participants in the same conference room for Barcelona’s local government (we could probably host some extra hundreds without issues).

All these events are recorder or streamed with autoscaling jibri pools. I guess you will need to do so as well.

We usually work remotely, so, feel free to contact me at or +34-666236433

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Kenneth Peiruza

Hello Fabian,

We are A switzerland based company in Zurich.
ALBODO Group GmbH.

Send me mail office [at]
And we can discuss our references.