[Paid Work] Allow a video participant to use dialed-in SIP audio as their audio

We’re looking to implement this: Join SIP call to existing video participant

A video participant should be given a specific dial-in PIN that, when used, allows their SIP call to “join” to their audio - becoming their video’s audio connection instead of their microphone.

A member of the Jitsi team said “You can do that with pushing some info in jigasi presence. Handle that in lib-jitsi-meet passing it to jitsi-meet and do the ui changes.”

We are OK with a number of approaches to this. For example, maybe the SIP user is technically still a separate user, but just hidden in the UI, and things like muting/unmuting/leaving the chat are synced? Or maybe Jitsi is extended to actually understand SIP calls as the audio. Either way, from the UI perspective it just needs to be one user in the call.

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