Paid Work - Add support for RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation)

Hi all,

With reference to [Paid work] Looking for developers who can add interpretation feature into Jitsi, we’re looking for the same functionality.

My company is looking for a video conferencing solution with support for simultaneous interpretation a la Interprefy. Please note we’re only interested in having a bare minimum MVP prior to funding the development of the full-blown solution.

We’re exploring using Jitsi and would like to find out if there are any developers who can work on the MVP.

The features required are as follows:

  1. Support for interpretation - Specific users can be designated as interpreters who will provide interpretation to other end users. The interpretation is simultaneous which basically means that the interpretation is done as the user speaks. Interpreters and end-users should be able to select the language they want to listen to.
    Interpreters will have an additional option to select the language they are going to interpret.

  2. Moderation - A meeting can be designated as moderated which means that the users request to speak and can only un-mute their microphones once given the floor.

  3. Separate chat groups - Support for separate chat groups within the meeting. This is needed mostly due to the fact that interpreters need to be able to communicate separately. Even moderators may need to communicate separately.


could you please send a personal message with your contact?

There’s no way to DM from what I’m seeing. Drop me a mail at linuxoid_at_gmail_dot_com

Hi - Please keep the community posted on your developments. We would be happy to support with testing and feedback.

We are also interested in this feature and might be able to contribute to financially. Could you please give an update of the development?
We also sent you an e-mail to linuxoid_at_gmail_dot_com.