[ PAID TASK ] Jibri squared recording format

Hi guys!
We’re looking for a Jitsi/Jibri developer.

What we need: build a recording format like the following screenshot.
We already integrated jitsi/jibri on our own platform, we just need the correct output format.

Main problem: converting the smartphone stream (it comes with a vertical aspect ratio, I think it’s called 19:9 or something similar) to the squared format and without black borders!

We expect a time/costs estimation :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,

Pretty sure this would just be adding the right argument to the ffmpeg command. You could maybe use the ffmpeg executable override hack others have done and then you could amend the original command.

thank you @bbaldino I will give it a try…

Tip: how to customize ffmpeg without changing Jibri’s code

Hi guys, I’m here with some news.
I converted laptop resolution to a square (editing constraints.video attribute inside domain-config,js)
Unfortunately smartphone app didn’t change its resolution… Any ideas?

constraints: {
        video: {
            height: {
                ideal: 480,
                max: 480,
                min: 240