Page works but no audio or video

Hi All,

I have installed Jitsi meet on a server for our school, and while the front page loads fine, and it generates codes, when it connects, there’s no sound or video. The odd thing is that both the mic and camera are disabled at the bottom of the screen but if I point at the camera icon, a thumbnail sized feed from the camera appears, and if I point at the mic icon, I see all of my audio devices listed but I can’t choose from either list.

I assumed that I may not have given the browser permission to access them but if I clear site data and restart it, it doesn’t ask me to give permission again.

The server is natted, so I’ve followed the NAT istructions and 443, 10000 and the other ports listed in the instructions are all forwarded. When I connect to a session, it last 20s seconds and then forces a reconnect as it thinks the session is idle and the Jitsi Android app just gets booted straight away.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Make sure your jvb has correctly obtained your public ip address on boot grep -i harvest /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log
And that your forwarding works. Try opening 3 tabs from the browser from external network of that where jvb is deployed and make sure that works.


Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

It does seem to have picked up both internal IPs (it’s multi-homed), but does not seem to have adopted the external IP address. We have 14 external IPs and the server is forwarded to in a DMZ by a linux router/firewall. Aside from the /etc/jitsi/videobridge/
entries, is there anything I need to do to inform it of the external IP?

Nope. you can put by hand the external address that will be used following the quick install guide.

I’ll have another look. Thanks again for getting back.


In the end I gave up on using Debian and went over to Ubuntu 18, which most people seem to be using. Long story short, it’s working, but I have no video in the meeting from my Android Phone app. I can see myself on the phone screen but the picture doesn’t appear of the computers of those in the meeting. On the laptop I’m meeting with, the user can see themselves, but not me.

Thanks again,


As an update, now, everyone can see themselves, but the other members just appear as icons.

It was working a coupe of hours ago, but then it stopped.

More info: It works in an incognito browser

Same thing here. I have to use Jitsi in incognito mode for it to work.