Packaging Jitsi for Cloudron

Hello all,

People have been trying hard to package Jitsi for it to be available on the Cloudron platform and it sounds like they could do with some help from Jitsi upstream devs.

They’ve just implemented turn server and their latest Cloudron build but so far have only packaged Kopano Meet and are struggling a bit with Jitsi (though they have been working on it for a couple of month and are trying to push it since there is high demand for video conf atm).

Someone might want to get in touch with Girish or Nebulon who are the two devs of Cloudron.

I believe it would be great to have Jitsi up and running their and it allows people to set it up in matter of minutes!

Anyone that would be interested in this?

Here is the link to the current state of their package:

Cloudron is a really good project and I believe it would help spread the use of Jitsi (especially needed at the moment). Many people on the their forum (well including myself) would really like to be able to use it but those with programming skills seem a bit stuck with it (for reasons a bit beyond my own understanding).

I think the work you do on Jitsi is really great (probably the best SFU implementation out there) and I have been using and promoting it from very early days, I just want more and more people to be using it :slight_smile:

If useful, references to Jitsi on Cloudron forum are:

We got an update today on this on the Cloudron forum…devs are still struggling with packaging Jitsi :frowning:
Apparently they struggle with some undocumented configuration options.
It’d be a real shame not to be able to use Jitsi on there. So far they have packaged Kopano Meet and are getting there with Big Blue Button.

Anyone with the knowledge of Jitis configuration, do you think you could help?