Package jitsi-meet-turnserver is behind in stable [solved, user error]

Hello. I’ve noticed that a bunch of packages have recently transitioned to stable from testing. Now in stable many of them are at version 1.0.4848-1 but jitsi-meet-turnserver is still at version 1.0.4628-1. Is this normal/expected?


The last update to stable was 12-Jan-2021, there were recently some packages that moved from unstable to testing, but that’s that.

Big oops! I’m checking package versions from the same machine where I also make (via private repository) more recent versions available to other machines. Thanks a lot.

hello damencho I have installed the new stable version of jitsi on my internal server but as soon as I make a continuous call to tell me sorry there was a problem we will try to connect you etc etc where am I wrong I followed this guide

@lorenzo_lore don’t hijack threads on different subjects and did you follow the important note on the bottom, if not check it this is a common problem for people not opening the ports or not doing the port forwarding!

hello sorry damencho you’re right I thought we were talking about the same thing … as regards the port forwarding the server with the old release worked perfectly with all the ports open on the firewall