P2p working, when three users connect some devices are not able to esablish a connection. also i am having screenshare problems

Hello there,

I am having a problem installing Jitsi on my server, after installation, it seemed that everything was working fine, however, we found out that some devices could be having connection problems, they could not connect to the call, no matter what browser they were using.

this happens in windows in all browsers of some devices and in mac in chrome ( safari seems to be working fine)

I also found out that some devices could establish a connection when switching networks or when connecting to a VPN.

when i checked out the log i found these errors on the devices that could not establish a connection

This is the problem that i was facing regarding the connection, I was also facing problems in screen sharing.

the devices could make screen sharing only the first time. when checking the logs i found the error faild to find resources.

Is the server in your local network or in Internet?

what is the update? I was facing same problem for fresh installation in our test server with additional error of “error 1006” though it was working perfectly in prod server and locally. I tried really hard for inspecting but failed. please make us know if you find anything…

I used both azure server and digital ocean, they are both not working. (internet)

i tried installing the server multiple times, i opened all the ports still facing the same issue. some deveices just connot. connect.

you may try this installer

i tried following the installer however i am getting this error

Aborted! Unknown Jitsi host address Recommendation: Set Jitsi host address according to the following command

You have to set host addresses before starting installer. For example

export JITSI_HOST=jitsi.yourdomain.com
export TURN_HOST=turn.yourdomain.com

bash jitsi-base-installer

Follow the recommendations

the connection has worked fine, thank you a lot, however, I still have the screensharing error.

it seems that the problem is happening only on chrome. I can share my screen the first time without problems, however, if I close the screenshare and reopened it the users see a gray screen.

I checked the logs and I am getting this error

[modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js] <D._createRemoteTrack>: TPC[id=2,type=JVB] received a second remote track for track[endpoint=06996033,type=video]deleting the existing track.

My issue is solved thankfully.

thanks to @emrah i used the installer which has solved the connection issues.

then for the code i edited package.json and changed
@jitsi/js-utils”: “1.0.6” to “@jitsi/js-utils”: “1.0.2”

and removed the commit from “lib-jitsi-meet”: “github:jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet#b43a9fa0eea73ba48d805fba97d0cd3fb9d8d07a” to be “lib-jitsi-meet”: “github:jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet”

Then I removed package-lock.json and node_modules/
and I used npm install then make to rebuild it and it worked

I think the issue is related with the newer version of chrome (90+).