P2P video on Self Hosted Since Unified Plan?

It seems something new is needed in the configuration on self-hosted systems (since the Unified Plan switch). Timing wise it seems related to the change. I’ve noticed that P2P on a self-hosted system no longer works for video across a firewall despite the ports being opened. I’ve used the latest builds and instructions. I can see that meet.jit.si does work so I believe it’s a configuration issue. Is anyone familiar with what’s different or what may be causing this?

P2P works for me. It should be some issue related in your setup.

  • Did you upgrade an old system or is this a new installation?

  • What is your Chrome version?

  • What is your prosody version?

Thanks for the update. It’s a new system. I’ve built it following instructions twice on Ubuntu. Chrome is the latest Version 99.0.4844.84 on LInux and 100.0.4896.127 on Windows. I’ve tried similar systems with the matching Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, and Mac (never mixing). P2P works behind a firewall if the systems are in the same location. All of these systems have used Jitsi for years. Prosody is 0.12.

huh ?

I don’t think the issue is related to the unified plan transition, but you can share with us a JS console log to check for related errors.

Are you sure you (or somebody else like a coworker, or something else like a system upgrade) hasn’t modified the firewall rules or your TURN server configuration? For p2p to work behind the fw you need properly configured fw rules and a properly configured TURN servers – that I assume you already have, but since your setup is not working something has changed there most likely.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. The clients have used other Jitsi servers for years. The server is a new build.

your problem is very much unclear indeed.

Do you have on the same site (or on identical network connection and firewall (?) one Jitis-meet ‘old school’ that works with P2P and one ‘new build’ that don’t ? If yes, what are the Jitsi-meet versions involved exactly ? Is your new build installed with standard Debian packages or is it a customized thing ?
When you say P2P don’t work, are you talking about basic 1 on 1 conference, or is it a problem with screen sharing ? and what happens exactly ? Don’t work is not precise at all, is there a crash ? is the conference established but there is no video ?. Is there any error in js logs ? Is the new server working normally when having a 3 users conference ? So many things you are leaving out.