P2P Video Issue with Edge Browser

Hello All,

A couple of my associates complained about this, so I reproduce it:

In P2P calls (only) with the latest MS Edge browser, the video is very dark (tinted). If a third participant joins the call, the problem goes away. I can not reproduce this with latest Google Chrome.
IMPORTANT: This issue cannot be reproduced using two browser tabs - it can only be reproduced between computers.

Jack initiates the call. Tom joins. The screen shot below shows Jack’s view of Tom’s video. Notice how dark it is.

I repeated the same test with latest Google Chrome. Notice the difference below:

I did a quick check around a few Edge and WebView2 Gits to see if others were seeing the same - nothing yet. Don’t know if this is an Edge or Jitsi issue. Question: Does Jitsi officially support the Edge Chromium browser?

UPDATE: Another p2p test with config.p2p.enable=false does NOT show a dark video and is normal.

Jitsi does support the Edge browser. Can you reproduce this with Chrome?

The first screen shot was the Edge test that shows the dark video issue. The second screen shot was the Chrome test which does not show a dark video - so no, it cannot be reproduced in Chrome. The issue can easily be reproduced in Edge, but it must be a p2p test between two computers and NOT two tabbed Jitsi instances on the same machine.

We don’t have any Edge scpecific code, this must be a weird Edge bug. We treat all Chromium based browsers the same way.

Makes sense to me - Thanks !

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