P2p quality fluctuations


we recently faced issues with the video quality of p2p session.
After a peer is joining a session the quality seems good. But the quality degrades to a bad level fast and the video even turns grey or the stream stops completely. After a while the quality recovers and the quality gets quite good and stable again.

It seems like there is some kind of mechanism that scales down the video quality even though the bandwidth on both clients stays the same all the time.

This only happens on p2p sesions.

Hi SeveHo, we’ve been trying to track down a similar (the same?) issue recently.

Unfortunately it’s tricky to reproduce and the mechanism that you describe doesn’t trigger during our tests hence we’ve been utterly unsuccessful in reproducing the issue.

We’d be very interested in the Chrome logs (–enable-logging --vmodule=/webrtc/=3) as well as the call url if you’re ever able to repro.


Hi @gpolitis

I will try to reproduce and send logs. But its also hard for us to reproduce. Do you have any idea about a possible reason?

Hi @SeveHo,

We’re suspecting that Chrome undershoots its bandwidth estimation in certain network conditions and/or networks. This very morning I had a p2p session with @damencho and we were able to reproduce a similar issue.

There’s a few things you can try to minimize your exposure to this issue: check that you’re connecting via tcp and make sure you (or the remote party) doesn’t have any bandwidth hungry applications running in the background.

We don’t have any metrics on how often this specific issue happens nor a plan how to tackle it yet. However, if you run your own deployment, you may want to consider turning off the googSuspendBelowMinBitrate flag.