P2P not working with FF

Hi, we have installed the “complete jitsi package” on a debian server in our own datacenter.

Our goal is to use jitsi as one to one videoconferencing tool

We have tested jitsi with different supported browsers , especially Chrome and Firefox, we have also tested it with the jitsi meet mobile application on android and iphone , we have actived the P2P option in jitsi config file.

After different test cases we have noticed this :
When we make a call Chrome to Chrome, or Chrome / Mobile application, jitsi is switching in P2P mode and the quality is very good , if we make the same call in the same environnement excepted the fact that one participant is using Firefox , jitsi never switch in p2p mode even with our turn server configured ( correctly ? ) , jitsi use the JVB mode and we experience some lag and a lower quality.

We really would like to know if there is a tutorial or something like that , that could provide us some help configuring the “gateway” between a turn server ( like coturn) and jitsi

By the way we are from france and we are looking for some help (paying of course) on jitsi , especially to see if our jitsi configuration is ok and if we handle correctly this great application

thanks for your help


If you want to configure your coturn server then you have to install & configure coturn on specific VM and then coturn server domain need to add in lib-jitsi-meet and once lib-jitsi-meet edited then need to compile with jitsi-meet (WebApp) after that need to replace libs directory on server (mv libs /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs).


Jitsi Meet doesn’t support P2P on Firefox yet, but it’s something we’re working on.



Thanks Boris for this clarification , but i’ve noticed that when i’m on meet.jit.si , on one side with Chrome for example and FF on the other side, there is a (turn) near the remote adress , and the quality seems to be equal to p2p quality , i would say that the turn server is building a kind of “fake p2p connection” , witch is better than JVB connexion, and we would like to reproduce this behaviour on our own servers , for a better quality , and an easier “linking” between fellow jitser .
do we really have to install coturn on a specific VM ? how could we compile lib-jitsi-meet ? is there a tutorial to do this, or maybe there is an easier way to use and configure a turn third party server ?

Thank you all for your responses !!



In case of using turn in non p2p mode, which is the case when one of the sides is Firefox, turnserver is just a relay between jvb and the client using the turn. This means the turn connection was faster to be established than the other one, which is a indication of network problem with udp packets on the client side.

The latest unstable packages, if you install them on Ubuntu/Debian which has newer nginx and you enable Let’s encrypt will have a configured turnserver (coturn) so you can check the settings.

thanks for the clarification, do you have a release date or version for the compatibility of firefox with p2p ?

by the way we have run tests with the new version of edge ( 79 : chromium based) and it works fine with p2p.

Nope, no ETA we are working on it.

Is there an update on Firefox having p2p support?