P2P mode activated, but does not work


We run our own Jitsi Meet server and only have conversations with two participants.

In our statistics we can see that no calls are connected to p2p, although p2p is activated in the config (Exception: if both participants are in the same network, a p2p connection is established.)

Are there any other settings that need to be made? Or is there currently an issue that no p2p connections can be established and the JVB is always used instead?


A turn server.

Thanks for your answer.

Do you mean a TURN Server on a separate VM?

I mean to have a turnserver at all. By default installing jitsi-meet debian packages come with a turn server, when p2p is not possible it will fallback to use turn.

We installed the jitsi-meet debian packages, but every conversation with two participants goes over udp. So i think the bridge is used, right?

Is there anything we have to check?

Well, it is supposed to be over UDP?
Why do you think p2p will be TCP?
what does the local stats say there should be indication (p2p) when it is p2p?

The stats in the conference room (with a click on the stats icon) only shows p2p, when the two participants are in the same network. If they are in different networks, their is no p2p in the stats. The same in our grafana dashboard.

I hope you unterstand, cause my english is not so good :slight_smile:

I see, when there is no p2p shown in the stats, this means it goes through the bridge, which is the case when p2p cannot be established, normally when there is no turn server configured or it is not working for some reason.
You can open chrome://webrtc-internals/ and see do you see a turnserver there.
Here is an example from meet.jit.si:

thanks, i will check this. :+1: