P2P fails with Error: Duplicated P2P “session-initiate” in the 2 peers


Hi Jitsi Dev,

I found some strange issue in our Jitsi-Meet instance with P2P mode.

We’re getting a lots of Error: Duplicated P2P “session-initiate” with our 2 user conferences.
So the P2P mode is not used when it should be.

After digging around the P2P start connection mechanism in JItsiConference.js, I found a situation where the 2 Peers imitate the P2P connection at the same time and the 2 fails.

We have 2 users with moderator grants in shibboleth authentication Jitsi-Meet instance.

1- The first one initiates P2P when the second peers arrives in onMemberJoined because other peers is not yet moderator.

2- The second one initiates a new p2p connection at onLocalRoleChanged because it get the moderator grants and sometime it is not be catch by the 'Everyone’s a moderator" case in _maybeStartOrStopP2P function.

As we are in a shibboleth configuration, the onLocalRoleChanged may arrives with some delay than in other situation.

Before going deeper in debugging our situation, I have questions.

Is it really necessary to keep this notion of moderator in the P2P connections ?

Does it means that if their is no more moderator in the room the P2P mode can’t be used ?




The communications when it comes to webrtc is that there is always offer and answer. So we need to figure out who makes the offer and who answers. So there are few assumptions here:

I don’t think there is an assumption in the code that there are no moderators.