P2P does not work after third participant

We use Jitsi in chrome, but with the third person entering the room, it puts a load on the server. So P2P doesn’t work after two people.

P2P only works for 1-1 calls. When a 3rd participant joins the call will be done through the server.

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P2P is used when there are only 2 participants and no server load at this time. When the third person comes, the traffic is managed by JVB.

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Thank you

P2P does not work when two participants log in with mobile google chrome. What is the reason of this ?

Is this your own deployment or meet.jit.si? You need to have a TURN server deployed for it to work in all cases.

Yes. Installed on our own server

Did you deploy a TURN server? If not, it’s possible that P2P falls back to the server, depending on the user’s NAT types.

How can I deploy TURN server via jitsi