Owner Kicked Out of the Conference Room - Still Visible as "Ghost-Guest" - Need Help Debugging

Hi Community,
I have an existing installation of Jitsi/jicofo/prosody server on a ubuntu as stun integration with rocket.chat. It is pretty fresh (#pandemic). It is being used for team work from home.
Users in videoconferencing are experiencing problems:
What they see is - users get often kicked out from their video conference room, their presence remains visible as “ghost” guest window. As long as they were not the Owner of the conference - that is not a big problem, as the existing Owner can kick out those ghost guests. The real problem happens when the conference owner gets kicked-out and becomes a ghost-guest. He or she can rejoin, but after rejoining they have normal member status and cannot clean up the mess anymore.

Also let’s suppose that the conference finishes and the same bunch of people starts conference on the second day (team work scenario) they are given the same video conference room/session - with the same expired ghost-guests presences that noone is able to clean up . So after 3 days their conference experience is full of 2/3 of ghost guests.
I am trying to figure out how those vide conferencing sessions are governed, recycled and with use of only 3 logs:


There are no errors whatsoever, I see entries about “Owner has left the room” in the jicofo.log and the same room id being reused some time later. But how do I finetune this behaviour, what can I do here to help, is there any admin friendly documentation that I can lean upon?
I am nowhere near providing the solution. I am not a java developer. Can someone point me in the right direction ? How to reconfigure or debug the problem.

Prosody 0.10?

Yes - prosody 0.10.0-1build1 to be precise, as named in apt repos.

Also I think my issue is the same as experienced by users in this thread

I see exactly the same INFO or WARN in jvb logs.
I understand these are probably due to unstable connection on the client side (I debugeed server side network throughput, made double sure that firewalls are letting 80/443/4443 TCP and 10000UDP in and out… - and that is all fine.
But I am seeking the info on how to get rid of this mess with ghost presences on the videoconference room.

A by ghost we call something else and I got confused. Those you see are ‘ninjas’. Anyway, so these are because the bridge is turning off video streams to save bandwidth as it had calculated that the bandwidth is not enough on that receiver.
We have seen similar issue with jvb2 and we are investigating it.

Thank you @damencho, I will remember Ninjas instead of ghosts. I will provide a screenshot to illustrate the situation shortly.
Please note - in our scenario we are nowhere near the maximum network throughput for this server. At peak I have seen 30Mb/s. In current configuration this is 30% of max bandwidth on this network interface. I also made sure there are no external limiters beside the server. I was assuming the quality connection issue originates on the client side.
Thank you for your responses so far.

In the meantime - one additional question - is there some jitsi-videobridge admin utility/interface that would allow admin of the jitsi to permanently delete the video conference rooms, so that next time the same bunch of people attempts connection they are assigned another conference-id/room , and don;t have to face with the “ninjas” ? If not - can I make a suggestion to equip it with some admin tool like that ?

PS. Last but not least - thank you for all your work on jitsi.

This is not for the server, this is for the client.

Second time confused! ninja is just a small icon that appears on the place of the signal indicator when video is stopped by jvb.
Ghost is a participant which is a ghost, just a thumbnail. And if everyone leaves the conference and then you came back you will still see those. We had such reports for prosody 0.10, but we have not trace them why they happen. We haven’t seen those with prosody 0.11. So my suggestion is to upgrade to prosody 0.11 and not forget to change storage = "memory" in prosody config after upgrade.

I have reports (and have experienced it myself) of ghosts. Here’s a Screenshot of a really bad one:

Every time the user reloads the page, a new Ghost appears…

We are on Prosody 0.11.5 and this was with the 1132 version of the videobridge (we didn’t realize that the name changed :man_shrugging: - we have updated to Videobridge2 over the weekend)

Yes - this is exactly how it looks like.
I had my hopes high after @damencho mentioned no one had problems with prosody 0.11. So now my hopes are lower. Anyway I scheduled patching of the server for tonight and will report back tomorrow.

@jcfischer which version of jitsi-meet do you use? Which browser, does it happen with, all browsers? Which is the browser of the one reloading, I mean?
So when a user reloads or closes tab this code is executed: https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/blob/master/modules/xmpp/XmppConnection.js#L397
An unavailable presence stanza is sent so the participant will leave immediately. Otherwise, with bosh the ghost should expire in no more than 60 seconds, do those expire and leave?

Hi Damian

$ sudo dpkg -l | grep jit
ii  jitsi-meet-prosody                    1.0.3933-1                                      all          Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-web                        1.0.3933-1                                      all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-web-config                 1.0.3933-1                                      all          Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet

I just entered that specific conference and can see all the ghosts of reloads still there (even though no-one really is in that conference). Every time I reload (Chrome on Mac OS) the participant count increases.

There are JS errors:

I can send you a link to that conference in private if you want to.


Hello. I just want to update.
I did as advised, raised the prosody version to 0.11 and since then users stopped complaining, I also haven’t seen the same ghost-guest appearing. Thank you.


which Component should have memory set? I currently have the auth component set to none