Own installed server doesn't redirect url room link to app on mobile device


Dear ALL,

I have installed my own jitsi server base on “Jitsi Meet quick install”. Server is running on clean Debian 9. Anyone know how to configure that user click the room link which will be redirected to app open on mobile(andriod/iOS) ? At this moment, when user click the link, mobile will open the blank web page.

One more question, how can I redirect http to https ? When user type http://meet.abc.com, server doesn’t redirect to https://meet.abc.com.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
Andy Chan


The default installation uses jetty which just binds on port 443. I had for a while in my todo list to bind jetty on port 80 and do the redirect.
What you can do for the moment is install nginx/apache and let it bind on port 80 only and do the redirection yourself.