Own Build of SDK leads to black screen in React Native App from Testflight


I’m now for several days trying to get my own build of the SDK to work in a react-native app I am building. I am using https://github.com/skrafft/react-native-jitsi-meet, which is essentially just a wrapper around the SDK.

Everything works perfectly fine in the iPhone simulator in both debug and release schemes, and also on a physical phone when building through Xcode in both schemes. This includes my custom SDK.

Now, I have a fork of the jitsi-meet repo, and for keeping things simple, I am simply fetching the current master, building the SDK, replacing the resulting JitsiMeet.framework in my Pod folder, and then build the app. That should result in the same SDK which is currently on Cocoapods, and almost to the byte, it does. Again, everything works in the simulator and on the phone locally. I also compared the architectures included in the frameworks, there are the same for the one from Cocoapods and my own build.

However, after uploading it to Testflight and then downloading it via Testflight, it doesn’t work anymore. I just get a black screen when trying to enter a room, it’s not asking for my mic/camera permissions, which is usually the first thing it does.

I realize this has most likely nothing to do with the SDK itself, I am just wondering if there is more to building the SDK than running:

xcodebuild -workspace ios/jitsi-meet.xcworkspace -scheme JitsiMeet -destination='generic/platform=iOS' -configuration Release ENABLE_BITCODE=NO clean archive

Any ideas on where to look next?

Resolved. Publishing my own Cocoapod solved it.

I have the same exact same problem - Could you elaborate on how you solved but by “publishing your own cocoapod”? Thanks

We found our problem. Swapping the WebRTC.framework and JitsiMeet.framework actually work well. (We just had a bug in our code, we were using a DOM only function in our JS code…)