Overwriting Remote Track error on Safari

Hello, I am getting that error when I add video/audio tracks of some participant for second time.
My logic is that when a participant receive a command from the moderator, that participant should add his audio/video tracks to the conference. Also there is another command to remove them.

So I have one moderator and 2 other participants (pA, pB).
The moderator sends command to pA to add his tracks, the tracks are added and they are successfully played on pB screen.
Then the moderator sends command to pA to remove his tracks, the tracks get removed and they are removed from the screen of pB.
Then IF the moderator sends command to pA to add his tracks again, on pB I am getting error:

And this happens only when pB is with safari browser.

NOTE: I am using lib-jitsi-meet (script src=“https://meet.jit.si/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js”>/script)
What can be the problem ?

Now I checked, seems like on Safari it is not triggering “TRACK_REMOVED” at all.
So on the moderator side (with Chrome) when I send command to pA to remove his tracks, then if I check the conference object, there I see that pA DOESN’T have any tracks. Also the “TRACK_REMOVED” event is triggered.

But on Safari, after the moderator command, when I check pA from the conference object, BOTH his tracks are there, but on the audio track the MediaStream property object is with status active: false