Override Jigasi IP

In our setup, Jigasi registers with FreeSWITCH in order to receive calls. In this request Jigasi reports it’s private IP address, that is not reachable from the public internet.

Is this simply the address of the network interface? Can I override this value in the Jigasi config?

It seems both Jigasi and FreeSWITCH are on same private network.

Does your FreeSWITCH have a public ip? If yes, try adding that ip, in Jigasi, instead of the private ip…

Yes, Freeswitch also has a public IP address. We currently use the public hostname that resolves to this ip for the JIGASI_SIP_SERVER value.

I just tried to replace it with the public IP itself. However, the “Contact” header still contains the private IP address.

I’d say that Jitsi-meet is using a java library and you need to read the documentation of the sip java library to try to find if such a parameter exists (I’d rate the chance as likely).
Search for
in the java sip doc, on this forum and internet. I guess that many Jitsi-meet devs are currently on holiday so if you want an answer just now searching yourself is your best bet.

There is no need of that if your FreeSWITCH is configured to do latching, it will start sending to the ip-address and port from where the media is received.