Override hangup button functionality in Jitsi iOS SDK

I am trying to implement my own customised hangup functionality whenever user clicks on hang up button. Could someone please help me with the approach to achieve this without any code changes or minimal code changes.
Some of the below approaches are that I have in mind,

  1. Subclass AbstractHangupButton class and implement my custom hangup button and use the same instead of default one
  2. Create ref to the hangup button and override the onclick event with my custom implementation
    Please suggest me a optimised solution for this

You can just take our hangup button and change the functionality.

could you please tell me how to do it @saghul ? I have same trouble to do that.

*my use case is to show prompt first before the call ended.

You’ll want to introduce your logic here: jitsi-meet/HangupButton.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub or in the abstract one.