Outbound proxy for ASAP keyserver


We are running Jitsi behind a corporate firewall and want to make use of an ASAP keyserver external to our network. In our setup (which is not that uncommon, I think), the outgoing requests need to go through a proxy server, but as far as I can tell, any http_proxy environment variables set at the OS level are ignored by prosody’s http library. I digged into the source a bit and found that /resources/prosody-plugins/util.lib.lua which carries out the requests for the /resources/prosody-plugins/token/util.lib.lua module, depends on prosody’s net.http module (https://github.com/bjc/prosody/blob/0.11/net/http.lua) where I can’t find any module that gets the env variables. Please correct me if I am wrong, I am pretty unexperienced when it comes to Lua :laughing:. I have found a Lua http library https://github.com/daurnimator/lua-http, which seems to support setting/getting proxy ENV variables from the OS.
Should I pick this up with the prosody developers or is it an issue that could be fixed on Jitsi’s side by replacing the prosody net module with the aforementioned one?

Thanks for the great work & all the best!

Support for http request going through proxy in http.lua is in my opinion thing to ask prosody developers, to support it. But this will take really long to implement, if developers decide to implement it (i dont know about many requests for this in this forum).

But since you would like to get only requests to ASAP server i would probably modify util.lib.lua myself to use lua-http, which can go through proxy, but it depends on your skill. Or ask someone to do it as paid work :wink: