Outbound calls without receiving audio

Hello everyone,

I’m using Jitsi Meet, Jigasi and Voximplant to enable SIP functionalities, but I’m facing a curious issue:

  • If I dial in into the meeting, audio from both parties (phone and PC) is audible
  • if I dial out to the phone, only audio from PC is audible (phone is inaudible, even if unmuted)
  • If I use Jitsi Desktop using the SIP account and dial out to the phone, audio from both parties (phone and PC) is audible.

Can anyone point me out a starting point for my debugging procedures?


No one can help?

You can run tcpdump on the jigasi machine and check is there media flowing from jigasi to the sip side in this case.

I have seen in the past such problem, but this is in case the meet participants are muted, if you unmuted them them media starts to flow both ways.