Our first staff meeting didn't work out...what happened?

I love Jitsi Meet. I’ve used it for myself off and on when calling others who aren’t signed up for any video chat account. Last night a few of us at work did a test call and were all impressed, but then this morning we had 12 people on the call and things didn’t work out so well.

Almost everyone was on a wired internet connection using the latest version of Chrome (on Windows). Though everyone had audio, the majority of people’s videos were off. Mine were as well when I was using a weaker WIFI signal, but as soon as switched to a better signal almost everyone was visible for me. (We even told everyone to switch to a lower quality setting.)

I really wish there was a basic introduction to best Jitsi Meet practices or suggestions. Is there an explanation why this happened? Was it because some of their computers couldn’t handle it? (I read that Jitsi sends the video straight to the user…maybe it was overloading some of them?) I was really disappointed because we haven’t had this problem with Hangouts (but we hit the limit for free users). The quality hasn’t been nearly as good, but it’s been reliable.

Can anyone point to a user-friendly article on best practices or a more detailed FAQ than what is available at jitsi.org? I’ve been so impressed with Jitsi and I’d love for it to work with these small meetings.

Thanks ahead of time!

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