Others can't hear or see me, even though camera and microphone are working

We’re using Jitsi meet for a group of friends meeting to visit and do some role playing games. Entering the meeting, I’m able to confirm the camera is showing me properly and the mic is working. But when others join, it looks like connectivity drops and no one is able to see or hear me, they see my “icon” though.
I routinely use Zoom, Webex, and Teams for school and work. Their connectivity and quality always seems fine (or better).
I end up using my iphone app rather than laptop, which seems to be a poor workaround.
My laptop is using power-line ethernet or WiFi, whic I realize is poorer in general than hard-wired ethernet. But that is the best I can do without punching holes in floors and walls. And I have great performance with those other video chat platforms.
Any suggestions?