Other users show as having mic and video disabled, but they don't

I’ll looked around in the FAQ and other posts, but I don’t see anything this.

We’ve been using Jitsi for 18+ months now without any real problems. But today I got my replacement PC, and I can’t get Jitsi to work. And for the life of me, I can’t understand what’s going on.

I’m running Windows 10, with Jitsi in Vivaldi, though I’ve tried this with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge to test, and the behaviour is the same.

My mic and webcam are working with other apps, and I see myself in the Jitsi screen. All other users appear with their camera and microphones disabled. To me, it looks like everything is disabled at their end and they have to turn it on, and to all of them, it looks like I have my mic and webcam disabled on my end. We can type in the chat, but nothing else.

None of us have been able to find any setting or configuration that explains this.

On the old PC, everything works fine. And the camera, microphone and speaker all work with other applications. But Jitsi tells everyone my mic and webcam are turned off, and it tells me all of theirs are turned off. I can’t find anything anywhere in the configuration that would explain this. The configuration looks completely identical to my other computer (which I won’t be able to keep using for much longer)

I’m running out of ideas, other than “find a replacement for Jitsi”.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

Is this one meet.jit.si or on a private server?

Did you take a look at the Windows parameters to see if the camera is authorized for all applications - IIRC it’s in a section called ‘Privacy’) ? Do you have an antivirus installed that could override browsers setup ? If yes can you try to configure it / disable it temporarily ?
If nothing of this helps, try to post browser logs using development tools in Chrome (console tab, save as…, and upload or paste the file)

This is on meet.jit.si.

I dug around in the Windows settings after I posted, and I found that yes, there was a setting that disabled it for the browser (how it worked with Cisco WebEx, I have no idea).

I came here to update my post, and find someone’s already recommended that. Thanks.

I haven’t seen anything in the firewall logs to explain anything, but I downloaded the GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by Windows version and tried it, and I was actually able to get video. I’ll have to test again tonight with someone else in the group to see if they can see me. I’ll post when I do.

The thing I really don’t understand is why any setting would affect the incoming video and sound, though. That’s got me wondering if it’s an app, an OS, or a hardware issue.

One other thing I’m going to try is see if I can set up a bootable Linux USB, and run the browser from that. If that works, then it points to a Windows config; if it doesn’t, then it’s hardware or something in the browser/Jitsi config.

Thanks for the recommendation.