Original version of external_api.js in jitsi-meet-electron

Hi Team,

I need to understand external_api.js code because I believe the core logic for setting up the meeting and conference is located in that file. But, I only see a minified version with fxn names / variables changed and is very difficult to understand.
Can anyone point me to the original code?

Anish Nema

Could it be this one, in the jitsi-meet repo?

Yes, that one built by webpack (jitsi-meet/webpack.config.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub) to include the dependencies and minify it.

Thanks for the responses. Can you suggest how to use original file instead of webpack (minified version). I think copying the file into jitsi-electron-meet will not work since there are dependencies which will be missed.

Anish nema