Organize Conference Call in the future

I would like to organize a conference call in the future (In about 4 weeks) Can I do that with the free version? How should I do?
Thank you

there is no such thing on the instance. Nothing blocks to arrange with other people a meeting hour and if you assure that your meeting name is

  • random enough: if you want to call it general_meeting it’s NOT good. general_meeting_mycorp_24A01 could do
  • known only of people invited to the meeting
    then at the given date you could go to and create the meeting at the moment you want and the room will be created. You can set a password at this moment (not before room creation - it does not exist before)
  • when the last person quits the room, it is destroyed.
    That’s all there is to
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Can you please explain me… - When the last person quits the room, it is destroyed?

Also, what happens if I create a meeting room now. Can we use it in a week still? Or does the system automatically delete all rooms within given time of a day?

No. The room has no persistence. It is destroyed (including any specific setting like a password) and anyone can reuse it.