Options to mute a specific user from local client

I am writing an application which integrates Jitsi Meet API. I need the following capability, and I need to know how to accomplish this in Jitsi Meet API

Some rules in our application require that specific users cannot see or communicate with other users. I need the ability to, from a given users perspective, disable video or audio of users that the rules specify you’re not allowed to see or hear at different stages in the application.

For users A,B,C,D
A and C cannot hear or see each other
B and D cannot hear or see each other
A should hear and see B and D
B should hear and see A and C
C should hear and see B and D
D should hear and see A and C

I would have expected that something like this is already supported.

api.executeCommand('localMute', userid)
api.executeCommand('setVolume', {user: userid, volume:0})
api.executeCommand('toggleVideo', userid)

User is abusing the mic, and I want to mute them from my perspective, but am not a moderator and don’t have permission or cause to disable audio for everyone

User is abusing video, and I want to close the video from my perspective, but I’m not a moderator and don’t have permission or cause to disable video for everyone

i want same thing

i made it look like below

‘set-volume-everyone’: (volume) => {


            logger.log('set-volume-everyone: API command received');

            const participants = APP.store.getState()['features/base/participants'];

            const remoteIds = participants

                .filter(participant => !participant.local)

                .map(participant => participant.id);

                //map -> return value (participant.id)

            APP.conference.setVolumeParticipant(remoteIds, volume);



const commands = {
setVolumeEveryone: 'set-volume-everyone',


     setVolumeParticipant(remoteIds, volume) {

        for(let index in remoteIds) {

            const elAudio = document.querySelector('#participant_'+remoteIds[index]+' > audio')

            if(elAudio.volume) {

                elAudio.volume = volume





request from api in iframe

this.jitsiApi.executeCommand(‘setVolumeEveryone’, 1);
this.jitsiApi.executeCommand(‘setVolumeEveryone’, 0);