Options for new Video Recordings UI/UX

The new UI/UX and the new local-recording feature you guys are working on is way cool:

There should also be options to disable (not show) either of the three recording options. This would be way, way cool. For security requirements, we will only use the new local-recording feature and cannot give users the ability to upload to a third party. Right now, we have to remove the “Start recording” menu item. We would love the ability to record locally.


This is already the case. Unless a Dropbox key is configured the Dropbox option won’t show up, for example.

To clarify, we are suggesting URL parameter options - something like: disableCloudUpload, disableDropboxUpload, disableLocalRecording. That way we could bring back the “Start Recording” menu item and limit our users to local recordings only and prevent users from uploading to 3rd parties.

If you don’t configure Dropbox, there will be no third party and there is nothing to disable.

We are not self hosted. We have a cefSharp browser built into an application that relies on URL parms for customization of public Jitsi.

However, we understand that this may be a limited use case. You never know unless you try :grinning:

Have you try passing dropbox: false as a config param?

erBlub… Didn’t see it in the white list - now I do! If I had known that I would not have wasted everyone’s time with this thread!