Options for decreasing bandwidth/data transfer cost on hosted jitsi

I am hosting jitsi instance on aws APAC mumbai region but major chunk of cost are data transfer/ bandwidth cost. last month I had 190 GB data transfer in and 15 GB transfer out costing $41 for the month. this month usage is even greater. what are my options to decrease the hosting jitsi instance hosting cost?
1> is there cloud provider which has less data transfer cost?
2> all my users for the instance are in India and I am in US east cost, self hosting on bare metal home server in India could be little unreliable ( network/outage issue) so I chose aws Mumbai datacenter to host. If the bills keep on mounting I can think about self hosting on bare metal at my home in India. any gothas other than network/power outage to be aware of? has anyone done it?

AFAIK , the incoming traffic is free, so no charge for 190 GB data transfer in.

The outgoing traffic is between [$0.15/GB - $0.02/GB] depends on the region and the total traffic amount. 15 GB transfer out costs less than $3 in the worst case.

DigitalOcean outgoing traffic costs $0.01/GB

Would 1vCPU DO droplet would suffice for 5-10 person meeting for jitsi instance or 2vCPU is recommended?

Please have a look at UpCloud pricing https://upcloud.com/pricing/ . They include in plans Terabytes of data.

This year they will have data center in India. Now you can use data centre in Singapore. Their plans for 2020: https://upcloud.com/blog/roadmap-year-2020/

For the default installation, it’s recommended at least 4 cores / 8 GB RAM.
I think 2 cores will work but you need to add some swap space and to decrease JVB & Jicofo RAM limit.

What is the Data (Out) transfer consumption you are seeing per stream ? I believe that the Data Out per stream also depends on how many people are there in one conference.