Option to Mute / Unmute participants by moderator

That had already been added to unstable. I will create a PR these days to enable it by default on new installs.


Hi! I’m coming from another chat system: Paltalk.com and this has the greatest system ever found in semi-self moderated meetings. We have meetings with 40-100 people each day and the system is:

  • there is one or many moderators
  • users can unmute themselves
  • BUT, only ONE user can unmute at time
  • if one user is speaking the others can’t unmute
  • so, the hands raised are the navigation of the meeting, and if some user don’t respect the order of hands up, moderator can eventually mute that user
  • so always there is only 1 user at time speaking, and the other users listening
  • the users don’t know about mute/unmute, there is a TALK button, it’s more clear

This system is very usefull with large meetings, and moderators are very free of work, because the users are educated to follow the order of hands up.

I’m here because paltalk.com has some other limitations and we are searching for another options.

Hi @topgun
you are absolutely right
but how I can do this with lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) do you have any idea

Hi All,
any update on how to mute all the participant unless the moderator?

Or may be there is Webminar mode that can be enabled, where only the moderator can talk and the others only listen.

You can use Audio/Video moderation where the moderator needs to allow people to unmute.

Use the 3-dots menu from the participant’s pane of the moderator to adjust it and then whenever one want to unmute it will ask the moderator for approval, and after the approval is given the user can unmute.

I need a way to mute all the participants except the moderator.
That mute all the participants.

In my solution this will run without a GUI access therefore I need to control Jitsi via api or with some kind on cli.