Option to Mute / Unmute participants by moderator

That is not a very good idea, normally home internet does not provide enough upload bandwidth … maybe it is not your case, just wanted to mention it.

Sorry, there is no such option at the moment.

I’m getting roughly 65 Mbps up and 500Mbps down on that server - I feel like that should be plenty, shouldn’t it?

I understand that it is not currently an option. I would like to request that as a feature or, alternatively, get your suggestion about where I might be able to look in the code so try to figure out how to enable something like that - even if it’s kind of a hacky, clunky fix.

Thanks for being so responsive to the community!

This 65 Mbps is for 9-10 participants most, and will fill it up if you can reach it. If you have one Firefox(no simulcast at the moment) these are maybe 5 or 6 participants at most … These are very rough estimates, but really rough to give you an idea …

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I definitely agree that the admin should not be able to unmute any participants - that is absolutely a valid privacy concern.

But I would love the ability for the admin to assign themself or another person as the current “Presenter” (what I’ve been calling “giving them the floor”) where only the designated person/people can unmute themselves and all other participants cannot.

For my purposes I don’t know that I would like them to be different types of meetings though - sometimes you just need to force mute everybody during the presentation and then allow folks to unmute at the end for discussion. Ideally, people would just be compliant and stay muted but… I’ve noticed that ideas about VTC etiquette vary widely haha

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Interesting! That’s good to know. That would certainly explain some things haha - I noticed the CPU and RAM of the server were hardly being touched but I wasn’t monitoring network throughput.

So I might spin one up in AWS or something then - but regardless, I would still really like the force mute option described in this thread.


There is a feature mute all except this one … So with two clicks you can mute everyone.

There is? Where is that option? That would definitely be a good start!

[Edit]: Just tried on https://meet.jit.si - I see it there! Hm… Maybe I need to update

[Edit #2]: Updated the server, no change. Apparently I’m missing some package or component or something that would give me the “mute everyone except this person” option

any chance we can play videos back from other sources besides youtube ?

add ‘mute-everyone’ to TOOLBAR_BUTTONS

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Thank you for sharing.
so i added ‘mute-everyone’ to the toolbar_buttons. after restarting the server i do not see it in the gui.
am i missing something ?
Also are there any documentations about these extra functions available anywhere ?

Which is the version you run?

I am using jitsi-meet version 1.0.4101-1, when I add the mute-everyone button it does not appear in the conference

The feature is available in the latest releases, for which you need to switch to the unstable repo and update.

you can mute everyone but they can unmute
and can mute the “presenter”

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i installed it last week. it must have been the most reset one.

We started to use Jitsi as well due to all of us working at home and it works nicely. Thank you.

I also think that adding a presenter mode option would be nice.

To explain a bit more in detail, why it might be useful, there are 2 scenarios that come to my mind:

In the company I worked before, there was every 2 months a meeting with all employees. A good part was attending the meeting live, and then the different locations were dialed in and also the sales person around the world dialed in. At the beginning, everyone was unmuted and every location was welcomed. But as soon as the presentation starts, everyone connected should be muted. It was regularly an issue that somebody forgot to mute and had to be reminded. An additional good feature is that during the presentation, only the camera and the screen of the person presenting should be visible (also to save bandwidth). If somebody raises a question, than this person can be enabled and everyone hears that mic and sees also the video.

Second case is for teachers. If a teacher presents something, all the students should be muted and also they shouldn’t see the video of each other, because it will disturb and somebody will start doing funny faces etc. If somebody wants to ask a question, he or she can raise their hand and the teacher can activate that person. I guess for teachers, BigBlueButton integrated in Moodle is the better solution.


I consult for an AV company that does a lot of in-person and online meetings.

As meetings move from offline to online this is a feature that would be very helpful… Couple of comments…

The “give the floor too…” is useful where you want to allow someone who is normally muted the ability to talk (and avoid individuals un-muting when it’s not appropriate). In-person meetings typically use conference discussions systems that have these features (the chair of the meeting can see a queue of requests from delegates in the room).

We’re seeing an increase in the number of managed meetings people want to do online. They want a live AV operator to provide the mute / unmute, video management and monitoring of the call so the chair and participants can focus on the business at hand. Many people are challenged with even connecting to a video call so having managed calls (e.g. for councils, governments, etc) is crucial.

So yes… I vote for this functionality to exist. It might be disabled by default but there are certainly use cases where it’s needed. Happy to discuss offline if you need more information.

Some references to in-person / physical systems:


There is a privacy concern when unmuting someone, this is the reason this had never been added.

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I think several people participating in this discussion use “unmute / mute” as a shorthand for “allow to unmute themselves / mute and prohibit unmuting themselves”. Certainly for my application that is the necessary missing moderation element.


I understand that it is a privacy concern, if you can unmute someone else microphone. I am very happy that you are concerned about privacy and I don’t want anything to change there. I think no one wants to change this behaviour.
They (me included) ask for a behaviour, where you can give somebody the floor and that person can than speak (the person still needs to unmute himself, if he was muted before).
Let’s assume a meeting starts, there are 20 persons in the meeting, 10 of them are unmuted. The moderator now gives the floor to one person, now only this person can be heard, all other audio streams are blocked (to not use the word muted) and are not combined into the common audio stream. Somebody wants to ask a question: then this person can than raise their hand and the moderator can give this person the floor and this persons audio stream is then added to the common audio stream (if the person is on mute, no one will hear anything). The same could also be done for the video, that only the video of the person who has the floor (or the persons) is visible. It could also help to reduce the bandwidth used if the stream is not even transmitted to the server. There are examples of meetings with 50+ participants (like standards meeting), but only one has the floor at the same time, plus maybe the chair and if there is some discussion, maybe 3 to 5 in total.

I know that bigbluebutton has a feature to “mute” everyone. And I think most video conferencing system have at least a moderator scheme, where someone can decide who is allowed to share their screen.

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