Optimizing performance

I installed Meet on Ubuntu Server 20.04.
It works, by the way I have some stability and performance problems.

I found only this wiki but, about performances, I only see:

RECOMMENDED: enable Layer Suspension

You may want to suspend unused video layers until they are requested again, to save up resources on both server and clients.

set enableLayerSuspension: true (and uncomment if necessary)

read more on this feature here

RECOMMENDED: Limit video resolution

You may want to limit the maximum video resolution, to save up resources on both server and clients.

sudo nano /etc/jitsi/meet/$(hostname -f)-config.js

for example: set resolution: 480 (and uncomment if necessary); uncomment the entire constraints section and set ideal: 480 , max: 480

Moreover, I found this thread and I applied almost all suggestions.

We have a 100/100Mbps Internet connection and Ubuntu is virtualized on VMware with 4 vcores and 12GB vRAM.

Detailing, the most of problems happen when there’s many people in the same room.

  1. First, some users report difficulties in entering the room, this happens with random browsers, it seems they can enter but streams don’t start.
    To try to fix I downgraded video from HD to SD, but I see no differences.
  2. With about 8-10 people, sometimes during the calls some users are like kicked and they need to reconnect.
  3. I also noticed that H264 is CPU intensive and the bitrate is quite high, I have about 4-5Mbps for SD, 5-6Mbps for HD, so people with slow connections are in diffucult.
    Any suggestions to use lighter codecs (better if freeware and integrated on mainstream OSs and browsers) or to lower video bitrate?