Optimization of jitsi meet (browser version) in VMware Horizon environment


Is it possible to offload Audio/Video encoding/decoding to the physical PC side when using jitsi meet in VMware Horizon environment?

Zoom seems to be supported by an optimization pack.

I don’t think the browsers support this. It is a matter of chrome or firefox to support it.

Thank you for your reply.

Security-conscious companies were sometimes restricted from working from home only in a VDI environment.
MicrosoftTeams / Webex / Zoom seemed to have a dedicated app optimized for VDI.

They’re all paid solutions with infrastructure managed by the proprietary companies. Using Jitsi in a VDI hardly makes sense. The whole idea behind VDIs is security and in cases where you’re using platforms that are managed by an outside company, it’s reasonable to want a layer of security. But when you host your own solution and own your own data, what is the need of an extra encumbering layer? Note that no matter how optimized a platform is, the performance in a VDI lags noticeably. Latency is a critical driver in AV conferencing, so why would anyone choose a guaranteed lag when they don’t need to and it absolutely servers no purpose?


yes, they are paid solutions. But I think here is not the place to disscus the sense of VDI.
There are companies that use VDI for all the desktops. The end user only has a thin client. His only posibility to use Jitsi is through the VDI.
Teams/Citrix/Zoom offer this and for us as a company this is the argument to use teams and not jitsi :frowning:. Is it possible to optimise the electron client ? Would it be possible to fund this ? Our company wants to use Jitsi at scale, but if the VDI support is so much behind Teams etc…
I think also VMware is interessted to get a good support for this in their VDI solution.