Optimal configuration?

Looking to optimize jitsi meet install.

server specs:

i7 3770
32gb 1600 mhz ram
no gpu
cooling not that optimal

100Mbps both up and down

current jitsi config:

disableAudioLevels: true,
desktopSharingFrameRate: {min:5, max:30},
disableH264: true,
e2eping: {pingInterval: -1},
resolution: 480,
constraints: {
video: {
height: {
ideal: 480,
max: 480,
min: 240

Is there anything else I could add to this?

Hello Marc_Angelo_Chiapco,

I am relatively new to Jisti.

I am impressed by your hardware. I have not found Jitsi uses over 4GB of RAM, though my server does have more RAM than that. I am using a VM, but I expect a bare metal installation is best for video conferencing.

I am wondering what “Optimal configuration” means to you.

I am guessing you are running your own Jitsi server?

How many people do you expect to have using your server at anyone time?

With a 40 Mbps internet (up/down), I can have around 10 to 15 people.

You may want to inspect the settings used by meet.jit.si, using https://meet.jit.si/config.js. To my knowledge these settings are world viewable, and that this is not a security issue, as they are just configuration settings used by the web browswers (at least to my knowledge).

I use 720, not 480, however due to bandwidth limitations which many participants have, very few can use 720p, and 360p is often the best in a meeting, with many limited to 180p.

You may want to read up on ‘disableAudioLevels’, my understanding is that disabling the display of audio levels can reduce the load on the client’s web browsers. From my tests by at least 20% or more.

These are some of the setting which I chose to use. What are you thoughts on these?

    disableAudioLevels: true,
    enableNoAudioDetection: true,
    resolution: 720,
    constraints: {
        video: {
            aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
            height: {
                 ideal: 720,
                max: 720,
                min: 180
            width: {
                ideal: 1280,
                max: 1280,
                min: 320
    disableSimulcast: false,
    enableLayerSuspension: true,

Thanks for the info. I think we have almost the same configurations (except for the resolution and constraints).

I think we would have around 15-20 people across multiple rooms (its for a learning management system).