OpenSource Startup searches help for jitsi implementation

Dear Jitsi-Community,

my name is Enrico, I´m currently working with a team of 7 people on a software solution to enable online events, especially fairs and conferences. We face the actual wave of cancellations of these events, because of Corona. We want to help all the companies which suffer on the missing opportunity to exchange with others on such events. Therefore we are creating an Open Source Event-Platform right now. This concept came out from a hackathon in Germany. (See:

One main part we want to offer to all the event participants is live conferencing and we think jitsi would be perfect for that. Therefore we are planning to implement jitsi into our Web-Plattform. Our aim is to provide a prototype as soon as possible. Unfortunately we have a lack of developers and those we have are very busy with creating other stuff with PHP.

My Question:
I know that all the documentation for jitsi is very good and available, but to save time and benefit from the worthy experiences a lot of you have, I want to ask: Is somebody interested in an exchange about jitsi implementation into a platform? We really would appreciate it, if we could have a short meeting with someone who can help us with the most relevant questions. Are you interested? Or maybe are you even interested to create an open source event platform with us together? So feel free to contact us! :slight_smile:

We would be very happy to hear form you! :slight_smile:

Sorry for that straight forward question. I know that everyone can rtfm on it´s own, but time is running and we would really like to get in touch with you :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and thanks for the time you spent on our request! :slight_smile:

Best regards and stay healthy,
Enrico form YourExhibit