Opening embedded video in existing web page iframe - HID permissions error

I have a chat iframe and i want to open up the video there. From the root parent page, to the chat iframe i have enabled allow=“camera, microphone, autoplay, hid etc”.

Running in latest Chrome. Tried in Latest MS Edge, same, Firefox the same but if i break the frame out of the page onto another tab from firefox, it kicks in and camera and mic become enabled and things work.

I’ve even on my on my server page, where the iframe script comes from (it was template iframe with my api key in on 8x8 portal) has the headset to hid, microphone and video

res.setHeader(‘Permissions-Policy’, ‘camera=(), microphone=(), interest-cohort=(), hid=*’);
res.setHeader(‘Feature-Policy’, ‘camera=(), microphone=(), hid=()’);

I had a similar issue with a voice hoster through iframe and when i added microphone everything started to work. I’ve done the same thing but with Camera and Hid. Yet the problem still persists.

Webpage (amazon domain) → Chat Script (Amazon Domain) / iframe → API call within Chat to get video template script (boilerplate 8x8)


html, body, #jaas-container { height: 100%; }

My console log
23-04-25T19:40:23.142Z [features/hid] <D4.loadPairedDevices>: loadPairedDevices error: DOMException: Failed to execute ‘getDevices’ on ‘HID’: Access to the feature “hid” is disallowed by permissions policy.
at D4.loadPairedDevices (