Openhouse Project


Openhouse is a project to prototype a decentralised “Clubhouse”, using Jitsi and Ethereum, as part of Hackmoney hackathon.

HackMoney is a 3-week remote hackathon from June 18th to July 9th 2021, organised by ETHGlobal.


We are comitted to starting by integrating jitsi-meet with Ethereum, to allow users to login with their Ethereum wallets as their identity.

After this, we intend to integrate the user-access-control module in jitsi-meet, with a custom-built decentralised database running on Ethereum blockchain.

A proposed next step would be to create an onchain governance mechanism to allow community to control access. Also, to integrate with ENS for human-readable name-labelling.

Project update

The project was conceived, and the initial team formed on 18 June 2021.

The skillsets of the initial team range from UX Design, Solutions Architecture, Business Operations and Software Development. Software experience include Jitsi, Ethereum, Livepeer, golang, Java, C++, Python, Spring, React, Node, as well as Solidity for smart contracting.


Discord server


Here is an update:

The hacking has now concluded, and Openhouse have submitted the project for judging.

Here is a link to the submission, including a demonstration video of the prototyped functionality.