Open filmstrip in separate window

Will it be possible to customize Jitsi Meet so that when sharing the screen, the filmstrip will be opened as a separate pop-up window. That way the moderator can control the shared screen and watch the participants at the same time.
Does anyone have any idea to accomplish this?

Hyung Woo Kwon

The moderator can already see the participants in a strip during a share, albeit not as a pop-up. Unless I’m missing something in your ask?

When the moderator is sharing another browser tab or a window and is interacting with that window, he cannot have the Jitsi Meet window activated at the same time, unless he has two monitors…

I’m using the Electron jitsi-meet on Arch Linux. (My browser is Firefox which had problems when I started using Jitsi a little while ago and could impact non-Firefox users so I switched to jitsi-meet.)