Open feature request


Hi Emil and all the buddys on the mailing list,

I dont know how to open feature requests.
This is a short list with most of the stuff you wanted me to open a
feature request for.

No priorities.

- Add a small (resizable) live video to the always on top dialog. So you
can focus on something else, but still see your buddy. (With some
- Message notification only when chat window is NOT focused.
- Window blink only three or five times. Steady blink is annoying!

- Make it possible to have more than one OTR fingerprint for each user.
(Very useful, if the chat partner uses Jitsi or any similar software on
different devices. Each generates a new fingerprint.)
- Warn users if OTR is not used!
- Highlight the lock. E.g. red/green OTR actived/deactivated



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