Open and close meetings only for moderators

Hey everbody,
I’m new at jitsi and make a server for our club that everyone stay connected in this times.
So I got a problem with the open and close behavior of meetings at the server. My problem is that the people expect the moderator should be only able to join a meeting that already exist and has been opened form the moderator. Also the moderator should be a fixed person and not the first person that appers in the meeting.
I tried to make this with the secure domain setup from the self-hosting guide. That work’s fine but the problem is, it’s not possible for me to make accounts for everyone in our club that want’s to be a moderator. So I decided to make only one account for all moderators but so it isn’t possible to have more than one meeting at the same time, because only one person can loged in with the account at the same time (logical).
So I need a solution that an meeting can only started with a simple password without login. Or anything else that can solve my problem.

Thank you really much for your support. I hope my problem is clear.

Greetings from Germany,

You can use same credentials simultaneously, do you see a problem with that?

I tried this during the setup and it doesn’t worked. But maybe it was an additional problem. So I will check if it work’s. Thanks.