Only when company VPN connceting the video and audio working fine!

I installed jitsi meet on Ubunto 18.4 with ngnix , i found my web is working fine some times and some times no audio no video .

I think port 10000 UDP is working fine when the VPN is connected and blocked if no VPN .

is there any solution for this?

Any help!

well, it’s difficult to try to help with so few information…Basically it’s paradoxal that a specific UDP port should work through a VPN and not directly, so there has to be something uncommon in your setup.

is your server an internet server or is it a private network server (that is, behind a nat).
Are your clients behind a corporate network or through the internet ?
what is this ‘VPN’ exactly ?

Our clinets one should be behind the corporate network and the other through internet , the video working fine internally .

We are using SecoClient VPN

where is the server ? on the internet or natted behind your firewall ?

The server is natted behind the company firewall

I have trouble computing:
’ video working fine internally’ and
‘working fine when the VPN is connected’
It seems to imply that your users are using the VPN to access the Jitsi server from the internal network, and that makes absolutely no sense to me (who would use a VPN on an internal network ???)

internally i mean two clients inside the company working fine no issues

one clinet behind company network and the other through internet is not working

When i use VPN (because am outside the company) and send invitation to any one outside the company it works

I dont know how to analysis this :frowning:

If I understand correctly (still struggling), the server is never accessed directly from the internet ? From the internet (outside of the corporate network), you have to tunnel to the internal network and access the server as if you were inside the corporate network, but possibly with a different network because you are using a VPN and you use the network VPN, that is, a private network but different from the internal one ?
And 2 users are connecting from the VPN, they are on the same network ? So the problem could be to access the Jitsi server from 2 different networks ?

When i use VPN i should treated as internal and the other (internal or external) working fine!
but same senario from inside the company (without VPN) is not working

  • Is “2 internal clients without VPN” working?

  • Is “3 internal clients without VPN” working?

  • Is “2 external clients with VPN” working?

  • Is “3 external clients with VPN” working?

  • Is “2 external clients without VPN” working?

  • Is “3 external clients without VPN” working?

2 internal clients without VPN ” working?
Is “ 2 external clients with VPN ” working?
Is “ 2 external clients without VPN ” working?

I did not check more than 2 , our project focus on two clients only

  • Do all clients use the same address to access to Jitsi? Or the address depends on the cllent location…?

  • Is UDP/10000 accessable from Internet without VPN?

all use the same address

I do not know how to test UDP 10000 on windows client and Lunix server

Tip: how to check UDP/10000 connectivity

  • complete the server side step

  • send me your Internet IP as a private message

  • I have allready a Linux client and I will send a message to your UDP/10000

  • Check the result

UDP/10000 is accessible from Internet according to the test result.

Could you try to “3 clients” scenarios to be sure the JVB config?

you mean three internal clients?

Not only this… The other two too

No need to three computers. Use three chrome tabs to simulate three clients

with VPN three browsers working fine

without only i can see the browser it self video the others two no audio no video

third test i will check it later

Finally we realizied that it is working fine inside bahrain but KSA blocking VOIP and it works with VPN because they can not catch VOIP .

Is there such solution to let jitsi work in KSA??