Only own video available

We are introducing Jitsi Meet for video conferences using the installation at I have tested this via mobile, the connection work just fine when connecting via mobile apps (Android/Apple).

I tried to use it in Chrome on desktop (Win 10) as well. I can connect to the server, but I cannot see other people joining the channel. Each member connected this way only sees the user’s own image, but none of other members. Video and audio are activated at all ends.

Is it on my end that I have to activate something?

can you try to add https:// when connecting through a mobile app.
I have the same problem and still trying to figure out why.

It may be bandwidth saving. If you don’t make noises (i.e. speaking), no video signal is transmitted, thus the other members of the meeting do not see you. We had this in a conference yesterday. People showed up, when they started talking.

Thats not the case for me.
Simply adding https:// before jitsi url in all mobile apps and all went well.
Maybe its a issue with my nginx proxy, I don’t know.