Only moderator and start time

Is there a way to be the only moderator and set a key start time?

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Yes, if you host your own meeting server & enable secure domain and only create one user and allow others to come in as guests.

See [How to] What is a meeting moderater? and [jitsi-users] Jitsi Moderation Feature

Look into the reservation system over rest API. You’ll have to implement it yourself.

See Jocofo Reservation rest API error

Thanks for your prompt response Corby, very interesting information … query: if I enable my own server, this will not be disadvantageous in the concurrence of guests with respect to the capacity in hardware or it is only referring to particular code and all communication is referenced to the jitsi servers?

Only debian server?

It’s a trade off.

On one hand - with little effort: you’ll get the best performance but the least customization with

On the other hand - running your own server may take more effort: you’ll get much more customization but have to also manage the server performance