Only android app hangs only on mobile Telekom (DE) network

Hey guys,

this is a real specific problem. I ended up in creating a fresh jitsi meet installation but still have one issue:

Setup: Jitsi meet newest version on ubuntu 20.04 with enabled stun/turn server on a separate machine.

Every constelation works:

Desktop Chrome / Firefox / Safari Mobile Network + Fiber
iOS-Browser Mobile Network + Fiber
iOS-App Mobile Network + Fiber
Android-Browser Mobile Network + Fiber
Android App + Fiber
Android-App + Mobile Network Telefonica Provider


Android-App + Mobile Network + Telekom (Germany) Provider not. (tested with both IPv4 and IPv6)

After opening a conference the spinner loads for 3-4 seconds, then the prompt for joining is shown, then the spinner continues to spin for 30 seconds without success. So the server is defintive accesible. It only happens in this setup.

Has anybody some advice what I can check? The public jitsi meet service works fine within this setup.

Thanks !!

Try setting the following to “true” in your config.js:

flags: {
    // Enables source names in the signaling.
    sourceNameSignaling: true,

    // Enables sending multiple video streams, i.e., camera and desktop tracks can be shared in the conference
    // separately as two different streams instead of one composite stream.
    sendMultipleVideoStreams: true,

    // Signal that this client supports receiving multiple video streams. Without this flag jicofo will enable
    // multi-stream backward compatibility.
    receiveMultipleVideoStreams: true,

Hi Freddie,

they are already set to true, before setting them = true it doesn’t work at all from iOS / android app.