Online notification

I remembered previously I tried a function on JITSI which will notify me when a user is online, but it’s a long time ago.
Recently when I want to use this function, I couldn’t find any related buttons/settings.
After searching the community, I found someone did developed this kind of plug-in:[sip-comm-dev] Online Notification Plugin
So any one could help to guide me how to find this function or how to enable this plugin back. (Actually I’m not sure whether I have this plugin since it is several years ago I used this function).

@Rick_Zhu welcome to the community!

Are you taking about a notification when a user joins a meeting?

On the Prosody side, there are events like muc-occupant-joined and muc-occupant-left.

On the Javascript side, there are similar events you can hook to using APP.conference.addConferenceListener